Support for orphaned and abandoned children

There are several ways in which you can be a help to our course. In whatever form/means most suitable for you, we encourage you to support someone in need.

1. Financial Contribution: You can make a monetary donation to us using your credit card by clicking the "Donate" button on the left corner, or by check/money order cash-able in a U.S. bank. You can also pledge a monthly gift of just $10, to help orphaned, vulnerable children, or exploited children, or help provide nutritious food and medicine. This can be mailed to us or in person at our office.

2. Material Contribution: Besides monetary donation, we accept donations of used/new clothing, shoes, food, beverages, books, school supplies, computers and other essentials to a normal living. If you have materials to give, we can arrange for pickup where necessary. You may also send these to us via U.S. postal service at discounted rate if you live withing the continental United States.

3. Medical Mission: From time to time, we organize medical missions to Africa and some other rural communities we support around the world. If you are a medical practitioner (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) and would like to participate in this great humanitarian missions, please use our contact page to reach us for more details.

4. Medical Equipment/Supplies: We accept used/new medical equipment/supplies of all types. So long as it is in working condition, we will take it and make it available where it is needed most. We also accept drugs and medicines of various types.

5. Build a School: Education is essential to a healthy living. To eradicate poverty and disease, having the basic knowledge and how to read & write is the key. Most children in sub-Saharan Africa and some other rural communities around the world lack this, simply because there is no school for them to learn. In some cases, some sit under a tree in open skies with no roof over their head. We encourage you to help end this by building a school - a classroom at a time, to help these children get the basic elementary education.

6. Volunteerism: Besides financial or material donations, we encourage volunteerism. You can become a mentor to a child or a community. You can be a helping hand to help us run this great program, advocate and raise awareness among your friends, in your work place, in your church or community. Help fight poverty and hunger.

Always remember, No help is too small, no amount of money is too little. In whatever form or way you can be of help, we will appreciate you. Thank you. Note: All donations are tax deductible

Mission Statement

J&J Organization, Inc. is dedicated to help orphaned and abandoned children, and provide medical help to the helpless in rural communities.

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