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Haiti's Orphans and Small Groups Helping Them Often on Own    Aug 3, 2010 @ 1:12 am
Haiti GirlJuly 8, 2010: Despite an outpouring of international aid following Haiti’s January 12 earthquake, groups and individuals struggling to care for orphans there are finding their support drying up. The result, reports The New York Times, is that children like 14-year-old Daphne Joseph are falling between the cracks.

According to the report, Daphne considered suicide after she lost her mother. Her spirits lifted dramatically after she found refuge in a rundown, makeshift orphanage supervised by a reverend under the auspices of a community aid group. Her new home was nothing more than a few tents run by non-professionals. But there she found a sense of security in the company of fellow orphans. She found purpose in helping to look after the younger ones.

Daphne misses that place badly. Retrieved by a non-blood relative with only a tenuous link to her family, she is now living in a tent city where disease, hunger, and reports of rape are not uncommon. Sadly, the sanctuary to which she longs to return is itself threatened with closure. “Somehow, the whole world wants to help Haiti, but we feel like we’re on our own,” the Rev. Gerald Bataille, who supervised the children, told The New York Times.
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