Make a Difference in an Orphan - Sponsor a Child.

Sponsor a ChildFor just $30 per month, you can sponsor a helpless orphan and make a difference in the lives of  children in need.

When you sponsor a child, you make it possible for your sponsored child to grow up in a secure environment. Your contribution helps us to meet the child's daily needs, guarantees medical assistance and also ensures quality education for the child. Thanks to your help, we are in a position to support the development of the child in the best possible way, and to prepare him or her to reach their full potential and lead an independent life.

To sponsor a child, we ask for an investment of just $30 per month. By becoming a sponsor, you are establishing a long-term relationship with the child.  You will be sent a renewal letter on an annual basis that will give you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to your pledge.  In addition, you may always contact us by email or by phone.

Personal Connection
As a child sponsor, you will establish a long-term relationship with the child. You will watch your sponsored child grow up and get insight into life in their shoes.  You and your sponsored child will become acquainted through:
A welcome packet containing your sponsor handbook, a photograph of your sponsored child, biographical information, and a detailed description of the orphanage or destitute center;

Annual progress report every summer about your child;

Holiday greetings, a recent picture of your child, and a report on center activities;

Notification of your sponsored child's birthday and an opportunity to send your child a birthday gift via the Jonathan & Joyce Obiagwu office; and

Letters that you may write to your child.
Some sponsors even choose to visit their sponsored child. These visits are arranged through our Sponsorship Office and require 4-6 weeks advance notice.

Your sponsorship will continue until your the child has finished their education or training, and is ready to lead an independent life. At this point, we would be honored if you would choose to sponsor and establish a personal connection with another orphaned child.

Sign-up to Sponsor a Child

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Payment Instructions
Sponsoring a child costs $30 USD per month. We encourage you to be faithful in your financial support and appreciate a minimum commitment of one year to the sponsorship program. 97% of your donation goes directly to orphanages and destitute centers we support and 3% is used for our administrative costs.

Please make checks payable to Jonathan & Joyce Obiagwu Foundation and mail them to the address below. We accept monthly, quarterly or annual checks, as well as 12 post-dated checks (dated the 1st of the month), to honor your one year commitment. Please contact the program coordinator for more information.
Jonathan & Joyce Obiagwu Foundation.
123 Street Name
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